Our Team

Dr. Glenn Smith (PI)
Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Education Instructional Technology Faculty

Glenn Gordon Smith, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Instructional Technology Program, Department of Educational & Psychological Studies, College of Education, at the University of South Florida. He combines computer games and eBooks to improve comprehension and motivation to read, & conducts research on these interactive eBooks. He also conducts research on online learning, specifically on how design of online learning should be differentiated by discipline, e.g., online mathematics learning should be different than online nursing education. Overall, he conducts research on how interaction with digital technology leverages visuospatial learning, including research on embedding computer games in books. He previously taught at Stony Brook University. Dr. Smith holds a Ph.D. in Educational Media & Computers and master's and bachelor degrees in Computer Science. He has worked as a computer programmer: a) in Hollywood, California developing computer graphics software for television commercials and opening segments for television shows, such as Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, b) for Boeing Computer Services and c) for Microsoft Corporation. In his spare time, Dr. Smith plays jazz saxophone.

Dr. Allan Feldman (Co-PI)
Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Science Education Faculty

Allan Feldman is Professor of Science Education at the University of South Florida. For the past 20 years his research has focused on science teacher learning and action research. Recently he has begun to study the ways in which people learn to become science researchers in apprenticeship situations. Although Dr. Feldman’s science background is physics, most of his current work is in the area of environmental education and global sustainability. He has been PI and co-PI of numerous NSF projects, many of which have been in collaboration with colleagues in the sciences and engineering. In addition to his research activities, he teaches and advises preservice teachers and doctoral students. He taught middle and high school science and math for 17 years before obtaining his doctorate at Stanford University.

Dr. Yiping Lou (Co-PI)
Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Education Instructional Technology Faculty

Dr. Yiping Lou is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology in the College of Education at the University of South Florida. She teaches courses in current trends of educational technology, computer-augmented instructional paradigms, and doctoral dissertation proposal development. Prior to joining USF, Dr. Lou was an Associate Professor at the Louisiana State University, where she served as the program coordinator of the Educational Technology Graduate Programs and taught courses in instructional design, multimedia instructional development, distance education, and technology-supported collaborative learning. She has supervised more than 20 M.Ed. and Ph.D. students.

Dr. Lou’s research interests center on the effects and factors moderating technology-supported instruction and collaborative learning in a variety of settings including technology-supported collaborative learning and assessment, science inquiry, distance education, online and mobile learning, and research synthesis. She has numerous publications in refereed journals and presented extensively at national and international conferences. Several of her comprehensive meta-analyses on within-class grouping, small group and individual learning with technology, and distance learning were published in the Review of Educational Research and Educational Technology Research and Development, and were widely cited by researchers and used as models of high quality research synthesis. Her work on distance education published in the Review of Educational Research (Bernard, Abrami, Lou, et al., 2004) received Research Excellence Award from Canadian Association of Distance Education. Another publication entitled, "Media and pedagogy in undergraduate distance education: A theory-based meta-analysis of empirical literature" (Lou et al., 2006), was rated as the most viewed article in the journal of Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D) for three consecutive months in 2007.

In her recent grant project Pathways to Inquiry: Earth Science (http://pti.lsu.edu ), funded by National Science Foundation, Dr. Lou and her colleagues developed two online tools, an Inquiry Skill Analyzer and an Inquiry Activity Portal, to assist pre-service and in-service teachers in assessing and teaching science inquiry skills in the context of Earth science. Pilot and field testing with a group of middle school Earth science teachers and their students showed that both tools were teacher and student friendly and helped students make significant improvements in their science inquiry skills.

Dr. Yi-Hsin Chen (Co-PI)
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Measurement & Research
Dr. Yi-hsin Chen's primary research interests are in the theories and applications of new cognitive-psychometric models (CPM) that combine cognitive psychology with modern psychometrics. Such models include Logistic Latent Trait Linear Model (LLTM) and Tatsuoka's Rule-Space Methodology (RSM). In addition, he is interested in differential item functioning (DIF) with the cognitive skills and the applications of advanced linear models in secondary data analysis. His work has been published in International Journal of Testing, Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, and Journal of Negro Education as well as in Monograph series.

Dr. Ping Wang (Co-PI)
Professor, School of Geosciences
Education: Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1995
Research: Coastal geology, Sedimentary Geology, Coastal sedimentary processes, Nearshore sediment transport, Nearshore wave and current dynamics, Coastal morphodynamics, Coastal engineering and management.
Specialty Area: Coastal Research