Climate Change Narrative Game Education

CHANGE’s goal is to help high school students learn complex Global Climate Change science by making it personally relevant and understandable. CHANGE is creating a prototype curriculum that will be integrated into elective Marine Sciences high school courses, and test its efficacy.

CHANGE Principles

CHANGE uses:

  1. Scientifically realistic text narratives about future Florida residents (text stories with local Florida characters, 50-100 years in the future based on GCC),
  2. a local, place-based approach grounded in west-central Florida Gulf Coast scientific data,
  3. a focus on the built environment,
  4. simulations & games based on scientific data to help students learn principles of GCC so students can experience and try to cope with potential long term effect of GCC via role-play and science-based simulation, and
  5. a web-based “intermedia” eBook narrative where sections of narrative text alternate with simulations/computer games.

Getting Started with iMapbook

The first step is to make an account with iMapbook. Go to this page to find detailed directions, included files and a video tutorial that you can download.

If you have already registered, click here to go straight to the iMapbook site.

Here is the link to the video tutorial for you to learn how to check your students’ progress in IMapBook admin system: click here

Be sure to use Google Chrome!


Unit Outline

CHANGE encompasses nine units for highschool-level Marine Science classes:

  1. Ocean Exploration
  2. Marine Geology
  3. Marine Chemistry
  4. Estuaries
  5. Marine Physics
  6. Populations: Producers
  7. Populations: Invertebrates
  8. Populations: Vertebrates
  9. Capstone: Apollo Beach

The CHANGE website provides an outline of all subjects, detailed directions for activities, and supplementary materials for enhancing the lessons. You will also find a directory for the Hillsborough County Curriculum specifics.


Team Members

USF Faculty

  • Glenn Smith
  • Yi-Hsin Chen
  • Allan Feldman
  • Yiping Lou
  • Connie Walker
  • Ping Wang

HCPS Teachers

  • Kelly Cook
  • Tracy Flanagan
  • Andria Keene
  • Anthony Leotta

USF Graduate Assistants

  • Metin Besalti
  • Denise Davis
  • Alex Jacobson
  • Lucille Moon-Michel
  • Molly Nation